Appliction white

We offer a range of black and white masterbatch to suit a wide variety of applications, ranging from pipes, cables and packaging film through to film for agricultural applications, which need to be extremely weather-resistant and comply with international standards. Our range can also be used for injection moulding electronic parts that require a high gloss finish and an excellent dispersion. Beyond the standard-range we are able to respond to custom requirements (e.g. application of special carrier polymers or integration of further additives).

• Single and Multilayer PE films
• PP, HDPE Tapes and Monofilament
• Bi-Axially Oriented and Cast PP films
• Laminated Tarpaulin. Injection and Blow moulded items

• PE films and Laminated Tarpaulin
• Rotomouled Tanks, PP Fibers and Filaments
• HDPE Pipes for Agriculture and Telecom Duct Pipes
• Engineering Plastics and Automobile Industry