Committed to the Environment

Mobil Masterbatch creates sustainable products for the plastics industry.

Mobile Masterbatch entire range of products is the result of an intense innovation policy that promotes sustainability in the production process of the mineral masterbatches and industrial compounds that are developed. The environmental commitment of the Group is based on the following:

To minimise the carbon footprint in plastic products. The masterbatch of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), talc, silicon derivatives and other minerals, and industrial polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) compounds have the lowest carbon footprint in the plastics industry due to:

  • Raw materials: the emissions associated with the extraction of the majority of the raw materials are very low. The raw materials that are mainly used are minerals obtained from natural sources, which cannot be easily depleted, as well as recovered plastics, the origin of which is from post-industrial waste.
  • Energy for production: the company uses green energy sources and its own developed low energy consumption technology (Irtion) in its production lines. 
  • To reduce client energy consumption. The minerals’ greater thermal conductivity allows the materials to be heated and cooled using less energy, which is reflected in lower energy consumption for the processor.


  • To maintain a balanced consumption of petrochemical compounds. The use of materials such as Ciclic and Granic help to maintain a balanced consumption of virgin polymer, so the petroleum derivative resources are not abused.
  • Closing the circle. Through its production activity, Mobil Masterbatch is able to recycle plastic materials that were already in use and convert them into raw materials once again. In addition, both Granic and Ciclic are 100% recyclable. These features make Mobile Masterbatch a key company for Circular Economy.