Innovation and Quality

Mobil focuses its innovation on obtaining a mineral masterbatch that enables its clients:

  • To reduce the carbon footprint and improve the Life-Cycle assessment of the final product (carbon footprint certification) by using more environmentally friendly raw materials (technical minerals such as calcium carbonate, talc or other silica derivatives) and by reducing energy consumption during the production process.
  • To increase productivity by reducing the final product life cycle given by the mineral’s greater thermal conductivity.
  • To reduce the clients’ energy consumption. Thermal conductivity also decreases the need for energy when processing the plastic, which is why clients using organic filler masterbatches consume less energy.
  • To obtain an excellent dispersion of mineral loads in the polymer matrix of the final product.
  • To prevent moisture absorption and reduce abrasion.
  • To improve mechanical properties such as impact, tear and puncture resistance thanks to the selection of minerals and polymers suitable for every use.
  • To reduce the consumption of pigments.