What is Additive Masterbatch?

Mobil's additive masterbatches offer remarkable opportunities to improve the performance of plastic products. They can prevent degradation due to heat and shear during processing as well as UV light and oxidation in the end-use environment. They can limit flammability to comply with key regulations and they can reduce product weight and resin consumption, prevent the build-up of static electricity, or make plastic surfaces easier to print or laser etch. Available in pellet, granule or liquid form, as single-function masterbatches or custom-made combibatches, Butterfly additive masterbatches are also easy to handle and easy to store.
Looking to improve the performance of your parts, or to improve your manufacturing efficiency ... or both? In a shot? Mobil's CYNOFIN additives are a great tool to help. Our additives increase the performance of your parts, improve your manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime and enable smooth product transitions - and we produce our additives in various forms around the world, so that you can get your manufacturing requirements.

Mobil's Additive Masterbatch create an active barrier against oxygen ingress to help you enhance product protection and extend shelf life. Cost-effective, flexible and used all around the world, this is a must-have additive for businesses looking to stay competitive in the beverage packaging industry. 
it can reduce cycle times, reduce scrap rates and improve part aesthetics in injection molding and extrusion processes. The savings can be significant even if you make no changes to your processing conditions. Yes, one concentrate really can do it all. Learn how we can help you to optimize your process and you’ll see even greater benefits.