What is color Masterbatch?

Mobil Masterbatch brings dramatic color to plastic resins and all applications. Color that delights the eye.  Color that differentiates. Color that adds value. Color that identifies form and function.  Mobile Masterbatch delivering hundreds of standard colors as well as custom formulations and color/additive combibatches. From business machines and appliances to textiles, automotive components and packaging, designers, brand managers and plastics processors rely on cutting-edge color technology and in-depth technical support through more than 50 global manufacturing sites and regional offices.

CYNOFIN Master Batches for Polyolefins

Cynofin Masterbatches, arrange of color Masterbatches exclusively formulated for use with polyolefins polymers. Cynofin technology combines advanced color dispersion with very high loading, optimizing performance while significantly reducing usage levels and costs. Depending on the specific color, let-down ratios (dosing) can range considerably less than the industry average. They are compatible with high-density, low-density and linear low density polyetheylene and polypropylene in all typical processes. Dosing ratios for Cynofin Masterbatches can also be customized over an extensive range to special circumstances.